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Lady Slipper - Orchid (8 x 10)

Available Originals

This gallery contains all my currently available paintings. These works are done exclusively in acrylics; a medium that over the years has become my preference for all of my paintings.

Kamview 1 Northern Lights Trail(16 x 20) April 2004

Early Originals

The paintings in this gallery are earlier works that have been sold and will eventually be available as prints. The size of these paintings range from 8 x 10 inches and larger.
Painting Stages of Kamview 1  & Kamview 7

Sarsaparilla 3 (9 x 12) April 2009

Miniature Originals

This gallery contains a collection of my earlier miniature paintings, which are 6 x 9 inches and smaller.

House at Silver Islet (21/2 x 4) September 1990

Rock Paintings

These are miniature acrylic paintings done on smooth, flat pebbles collected along the shores of Lake Superior.