Born in 1950, Eugene grew up in a small town in northwestern Ontario. As a child, Eugene was always fascinated by the natural world around him, drawing and colouring in detail scenes from the area he grew up in. Over the years, Eugene painted occasionally (in oils) until the fall of 1985. After being inspired by an artist on television, he started painting on a regular basis. Eugene next joined an art group, which displayed and sold their work during the summer months and over the Christmas holidays.

All Eugene's paintings are done from his own photos, now using acrylics, which he finds extremely versatile, suiting his enhanced realistic style. "As an artist I am still constantly drawn to nature, always looking for that perfect scene of colour, light and shadow. This can be in the form of a panoramic landscape or a simple mushroom growing at the base of a moss covered stump. I enhance what Mother Nature has laid before me, eliminating what is unnecessary and focusing on what initially caught my eye. This method creates the drama I want in my work."

Eugene's work hangs in many public and private collections, in Canada, United States, Europe and South America.

Artist's Statement

For as long as I can remember I have always been drawn to the natural world, walking through the bush or climbing the hills in and around my hometown. It was during those times that I felt an inherent force compelling me to draw or paint what I saw.

I want to capture the natural world in all its beauty, painting what initially stirred my artistic senses within a scene. By using my own photographs, they allow me to paint just what is important using my computer as a tool to crop or enhance some of my photos.

A acrylic paints are all I use, because of their quick drying nature. They allow me to work non-stop, applying layer after layer of paint, building and enhancing areas within the painting. They also allow me to quickly correct areas that I don't feel are working to my satisfaction.

My paintings progresses slowly with each application of paint building and complimenting the previous layer. During the development I will move away from the work and think about the next step and how I can bring it to it's full potential. When I find I can't improve on a piece any more, I know the painting is finished.

I enjoy listening to people's views and how my painting affects them. When people look at my finished work, I like them to feel like they are standing in the same spot the painting was done from. When this happens, I know I have portrayed to them what initially caught my eye.

Curriculum Vitae

1999 Thunder Bay Art Gallery - People's Choice Award
(2nd. place for the painting, Wild Sarsaparilla)
2012 Trout Unlimited Canada - Artist of the Year Winner - Dana Creek
2014 Thunder Bay Art Gallery - The North Now Exhibit - People's Choice Award
(1st. place for the acrylic painting, Oliver Bay)

1987 The Icebreaker Griffon - Thunder Bay, ON
1987 The Lodge Mountain, Red Rock - Thunder Bay, ON
1987 Saganagons Lake, Quetico - Thunder Bay, ON
1988 The Sea Lion 2 - Thunder Bay, ON
1988 Cahill House - Thunder Bay, ON
1989 Nipigon Lookout 1 - Thunder Bay, ON
1989 Janny 2 - Thunder Bay, ON
1989 The Rose Camp, Loon Lake - Thunder Bay, ON
1990 Michael, Mandy & Theda (portraits) - Thunder Bay, ON
1990 The Allan Cottage - Thunder Bay, ON
1990 Saskatchewan Homestead - Thunder Bay, ON
1991 The Patricia 2 - Thunder Bay, ON
1991 Lappe Ski Trails Contour Painting - Thunder Bay, ON
1991 Knibbs Summer Camp, Lake Lenore - Thunder Bay, ON
1991 The Zatti Farm - Thunder Bay, ON
1993 Jason (portrait) - Thunder Bay, ON
1993 Sleeping Giant & Sailboats 5 - Thunder Bay, ON
1994 Pat & Sandy McGuire (portrait) - Thunder Bay, ON
1995 Cavendish Beach, P.E.I. - Thunder Bay, ON
1995 Burntside Lake, Ely, MN - Thunder Bay, ON
1999 Nipigon Overlook 2 - Thunder Bay, ON
1999 Partridge Lake, ON - Thunder Bay, ON
2001 Nipigon Overlook 3 - Thunder Bay, ON
2001 The Fergusons Homestead - Thunder Bay, ON
2005 Deep Bay, Vancouver Is, B.C. - Thunder Bay, ON
2010 Kamview #7, The Beaver Trail - Thunder Bay, ON
2010 Kamview #8, The Lookout Trail - Thunder Bay, ON

1986 to 1990 - Lakehead Visual Arts Galleries - Thunder Bay, ON
1990 to 1993 - The Craft and Art Market Show & Sale - Thunder Bay, ON
1994 to 2016 - Artisans Northwest Christmas Show & Sale at the Valhlla Inn - Thunder Bay, ON
2014-16 - Lakehead Visual Arts at the Baggage Building Art Centre - Thunder Bay, ON
2014-15 - Lakehead Visual Arts at Gallery 33 - Thunder Bay, ON
2014 - "The North Now" - 2014 Northern Ontario Juried Exhibition - Thunder Bay Art Gallery