Eugene's artwork captures the natural world in all its beauty, painting what initially stirs his artistic senses.

Eugene, with his painting titled "Oliver Bay," was the People's Choice Award winner for the 2014 Northern Ontario Juried Exhibition, "The North Now," held at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Work in progress

Boundary Stream (18 x 24) stage 5

Latest completed work

Club Mosses (16 x 20)

Dana Creek, Yosemite National Park (Artist Proof Prints)

Winner of the Trout Unlimited Canada 2012 "Artist of the Year" award.
(see page 25 of the Annual Report)

Prints are available unframed or in two wooden frame styles. Unframed prints are $150.00. The narrow framed prints (L) are $375.00 and the wider frame (R) is $450.00.